Work Schedule

  • Survey

    July 2018 - September 2018

    Performed design-driven practices countries such as South Korea, USA, China and Japan’s practices will be searched about vocational education and teaching systems.

    All partnerships
  • Analysis of questionnaire results

    May 2018

    Questionnaire results will be analyzed with the help of special computer programs and results will be shared.

    Turkey Çubuk Provicial VEC
  • Survey Work

    March 2018 - May 2018

    Specifying knowledge level of IceVET countries’ vocational education and teaching institutions about innovation and competitiveness. Specifying the last position and perception of participant countries’ about innovation and competitiveness with the help of the questionnaire study.

    All partnerships
  • Project introduction film

    February 2018

    A short film including project’s activities, aims and visuals will be produced and it will be used in social media and other digital environments.

    Spain Confederacıon Espanola De Centros De Ensenanza
  • Social Networks

    February 2018

    Project activities and outputs will be shared instantly in special project page prepared in social networks. Online platforms are the best solutions to share results with all the world immediately.

    Turkey Çubuk Provincial VEC Çubuk Vocational Education Center
  • IceVET poster and brochure

    February 2018

    Project poster and brochure introducing project’s name, aims and activities will be prepared as a means of dissemination. This poster and brochure will be used in all project activities as representative of project.

    Greece 2 Epal Trıkalon
  • Project’s Web page

    February 2018

    The formal web page of IceVET project will be prepared. All the project outputs and results will be shared immediately as means of dissemination by means of web page.

    Italy Consıglıo Nazıonale Delle Rıcerche
  • The logo of Icevet project

    January 2018

    At least 10 logo samples will be designed and shared with partner organizations via e-mail. Selection will be chosen at opening meeting and so the logo of project will be determined.

    Turkey Çubuk Vocational Education Center